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New Steampunk Characters!

Steam Things Up!

People kept asking for a steampunk character, so Carrie finally designed two new costumes!

These stunning new costumes really wow the crowds with multiple embroidered leathers, antique brass fittings, and exquisite attention to detail. Everyone wants a selfie as soon as the steampunk comes out!

Steampunk has made a big impact throughout pop culture, from movies and television  to live conventions and events. And it's found it's way into every corner of the arts from musical groups to books and paintings. So live it up a little: add some TALL steampunk to your next event and see some really BIG results!

Fun At Summer Fairs!

Carrie has been touring fairs all summer, and she's about ready to give her big legs a rest!

People always love snapping pics with Carrie. She's a fantastic Photo Op for everyone young and old. If you'd like some Big Photo Ops at your next Big Event, then Carrie is just the right giant for the job! She'd love to make a big splash at your next fair, festival, promotion or Whoop-dee-doo! For more info, just give a call, or use the convenient form on the contact page.