Carrie McQueen, stilt walker, in many beautiful costumes.

Carrie McQueen loves to entertain and make friends, and she loves to change costumes! She's like a dozen stilt walkers all rolled into one. And from her base in Atllanta, Georgia, she'd love to come rolling YOUR WAY NEXT!

Carrie McQueen, stiltwalker, in her big Mother Nature dress.

Carrie's Mother Nature costume is a rare, beautiful, one-of-a-kind creation. Many of her costumes are works of art, but some are so extraordinary they just stop the crowds in awe... then the smiles and the cameras all come out together. Everyone loves Mother Nature.

Carrie McQueen, stiltwaker, in her crazy space-circus costume.

Between her colorful, fantasy costumes, and her deft bag of tricks, she always keeps the children enthralled. And it's not just the children, for many directors of the biggest events, she's been their secret weapon year after year. For nimble juggling, a giant personallity, charming comedy schtick, and amazing costumes, she's become a must-have at fairs and festivals across the U.S.

Carrie McQueen, stilt walker, in her giant cowgirl custume.

Carrie often jokes about performing in every country town in North America. And she always gets excited when she's invited to a sunny country fair, or a good old fashioned hoe down. So when it's time for apple pie, rodeos and goat milking... get yourself a giant cowgirl!

Carrie McQueen, stilt walker, looking a giraffe right in the eye.

It's a good sign when children and animals all love you. But it's another sign entirely when a giraffe can look you in the eye! When you need entertainment bigger than a giraffe... you know who to call. Oh, and Carrie travels light - you'll have to provide your own giraffe!

Carrie McQueen, stiltwalker, in her steampunk costume.

For several years people asked Carrie for a giant steampunk costume. So as soon as she had the time, she kicked her creativity into steam-powered hyperdrive! This is one of her latest creations, and we think she's done the genre proud with one of her most lush and detailed costumes yet. When it's time to steam things up... get steampunk on stilts!