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Happy Holidays!
We wish you and your family the very best for 2018. Carrie has so many exciting new things planned for the upcoming year, so be sure to come back soon - we'll be packing lots of fun  into the new website!

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 Breathtaking Stilt Costumes!

Carrie McQueen is truly an artist in every sense of the word, and it shows in every detail.

Her costumes have been called a "feast for the eyes", and the first time you see them you'll understand. These one-of-a-kind creations immediately stop traffic with their rich colors, fabrics, and otherworldly designs.

"I consider my costumes part of my artistic work. I consider them works of art I can bring to life through time and motion. It's like a painting where some vivid character can step out and touch the people passing by. It makes me so happy to share my creations with people; it's one of my great joys in life."
- Carrie McQueen

You won't want to miss any of Carrie's latest creations, and there is always something new.





Family Fun & Comedy
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Guaranteed FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY!

With years of experence at comedy, juggling, and interactive fun, Carrie McQueen always delivers the fun and excitement.

Her characters are larger than life, and everything she does is rated "G" for GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! You can book her and leave your worries behind... she's a consumate professional who's performed around the world, and now she brings her years of experience to YOUR EVENT.

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Happy Clients


Don't miss the excitement!


 "Carrie is an amazing performer...  high energy with juggling and comedy... magnificent costumes!"
- Mike Pleasant, North Carolina State Fair


"Carrie took our strolling entertainment to new heights!"
- Mike Froehlich, York Fair and York Expo Center


"Wouldn't be the same without her!"
- Hobie Pileski, WSB-TV Atlanta




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